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This is a period slot specific to postgraduate taught masters programmes. The dissertation period is a period in which students complete their masters dissertation and usually begins at the end of Semester Dissertation glossary terms number of programmes are offered via Distance Learning, i. A full-time undergraduate programme is normally considered as a programme in which students are required to complete units making up 60 credits during the course of an academic year and are either studying or on a placement for the entirety of the year.

Full-time taught postgraduates normally complete 30 credits in each of two semesters and a further 30 credits for a dissertation. A generally available unit is a unit which is offered to students across all departments of the University and may be taken in addition to the requirements of a specific programme. Students are permitted to take one six-credit unit or its equivalent - two three-credit phd thesis climate change in an academic year, outside the requirements of their programme.

This will not count for progression in their degree programme, or towards their degree result. However, the fact that they have taken it, and the result they have obtained, will be recorded on their transcript of results, and indicate that extra work has been done. These units will be available subject to constraints such as minimum and maximum group sizes, staff availability, timetabling factors, and the ability to meet the pre-requisites.

The Learning Outcomes section of the unit description states what a student should be able to do after completing the unit. The level of a unit is indicated by the first number in the code it is assigned see the unit coding table for further information.

Unit levels are also given in the unit catalogue. Students must complete a specified number of credits at a given level in order to complete their programme of study. Please see the unit levels information for further details. This indicates how a programme is studied: e. Whilst all of our programmes can be considered to be modular students study in discrete 'modules' or unitsfor the purposes of the programme and unit catalogues some specific programmes are described as 'Modular' rather than full-time or part-time and some units have a period slot 'Modular' rather than Semester 1 etc.

In this context, 'Modular' programmes are part-time often distance learning programmes with a structure that usually involves completing one module before progressing to the next. The New Framework for Assessment: Assessment Regulations NFAAR - this describes the rules for progression from one stage of a degree programme to the next including supplementary assessment, and dissertation glossary terms extent of failure that can be condonedas well as for the award of degrees.

Dissertation glossary terms

Information on which version of the NFAAR applies to an individual programme of study is provided within the programme catalogues, together with further details to help students understand how the NFAAR works with their programme. Occurrence codes dissertation glossary terms used in conjunction with module availabilites to indicate instances where a module is offered more than once in a single period slot.

For example, some units offered by Learning Partnerships will have multiple occurrences within a single period slot as they are taught at several partner institutions. Occurrence codes may also used for the purposes of assessment to indicate specific groups of students on a unit e. This means that some units may have four 'occurrences' even though the unit is only taught once in a period slot, because the unit is offered to final year, non-final year, visiting and postgraduate students.

Some programmes of study will allow students to choose a specified number of the units for a given semester from a list. For example, 24 credits of the semester are made up of dissertation glossary terms units but the remaining 6 must be chosen from a list of units containing both 3 and 6 credit units. These are called optional units. The owning department is the department responsible for the administration of a particular programme or unit. A part-time programme is one in which students study for fewer credits and hours each year than those required for a full-time programme.

Students take a placement year as part of a thick-sandwich or a study-year abroad non thesis vs thesis masters. As the name suggests, this involves either spending a year working in an industry relevant to the subject of their programme of study, or spending a year studying overseas. Some placements are for shorter periods than an academic year or involve a combination of work placement and overseas study.

If a unit has a pre-requisite rule it means that students taking the unit must have taken other specified units first. This refers to a student's programme of study: e. A programme description is a document, usually provided alongside a programme specification see belowwhich shows the structure of a programme, i. Programme description templates are provided in CMIS.

Dissertation glossary links in resulting glossary will not be "clickable" unless you load the glossaries package after the hyperref package. In addition, users who wish to make use of makeglossaries will need to have Perl installed - this is not normally present by default on Microsoft Windows platforms. That said, makeglossaries simply provides a convenient interface to makeindex and xindy and is not essential. To use an entry from a glossary you first need to define it.

There are few ways to define an entry depending on what you define and how it is going to be used. Note that a defined entry won't be included in the printed glossary unless it is used in the document. The above example defines an entry that has the same label and entry name. This is not always the case as the next entry will show:. When you define terms, you need to remember that they will be sorted by makeindex or xindy.

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Therefore it's needed to extend our example and specify how to sort the word:. So far, the glossary entries have been defined as key-value lists. Sometimes, a description is more complex than just a paragraph.

For example, you may want to have multiple paragraphs, itemized lists, figures, tables, etc. For such glossary entries use the command longnewglossaryentry in which the description follows the key-value list. The computer entry then looks like this:. For example:. Dissertation glossary terms you have defined a term, you can use it in a document. There are many different commands used to refer to glossary terms.

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Otherwise, put it in the back matter. If fewer than five terms need defining, place them in the report introduction as working definitions, or use footnote definitions.

If you use a separate glossary, announce its location. A collaborative glossary can serve as a focal point for collaboration in a course. You must be logged in to post a comment. By Jim Goes and Dissertation glossary Simon A standard and common section in dissertations, generally in the first chapter, is the definition of terms.

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